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The New Pornographers may have run out of ideas, but at least they had a great idea to start with. “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk” is the kind of rollicking power pop song that made them famous, and they performed a nicely muscular version of it on Letterman last night. (via)


"Your Hands (Together)," the New Pornographers. As the lead single off the forthcoming Together, “Your Hands” is not, as Perpetua notes, another “Letter from an Occupant” or “The Laws Have Changed.” But it is a fun slice of power pop, with sharp boy-girl harmonies and a chorus you can sing along to. I’ll take it. (download) (track via perpetua)


"Joseph, Who Understood," the New Pornographers. I’m not sure this is quite a Christmas song — but it is about Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus, so I’m posting it anyway. “Joseph, Who Understood” is a kind of wounded lament from the dude who thought he was J.C.’s father, only to learn rather late in the game that he would merely be His caretaker. That plaintive chorus, sung to his wife, gets me every time — ‘You’re asking me to believe in so many things.’ Which is pretty much my feeling about religious belief in general. That said: Merry Christmas! (download)



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