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Perfume Genius on Liz Phair

  1. Hadreas: Umm, I mean I had been listening to exclusively Ace of Base for a long time, and then somehow I got the Liz Phair CD and that completely changed how I thought about music.
  2. Stipe: Her first record?
  3. Hadreas: I think I got the second one first. She’s just really very sexual, very nasty and I didn’t even know you could talk about those things, let alone sing about them, [laughs] and I was still--I was terrified to even acknowledge anything sexual about myself at all. I was always, [pause] you know, because I knew it probably wasn’t going to turn out how I had hoped.
  4. From Stipe's interview with Hadreas on Via Pitchfork.

“Some of them were inspired by my recent infatuation with the Dave Matthews Band, that whole scene… the way they are, the kind of people they are, the way they traversed that artistic landscape, I really admire. I’ve fallen into a habit of going to the shows.”

Liz Phair, explaining the songs on her recent Funstyle, in American Songwriter. Maybe if they slap a “inspired by her recent infatuation with the Dave Matthews Band” sticker on Funstyle it’ll move a few more copies. Also: 10 points to anyone who wants to take a crack at how exactly DMB has “traversed that artistic landscape.”

"Bollywood," Liz Phair. In which Liz Phair douses her career in gasoline, sets it ablaze, runs it over with a Mack truck, and detonates a hydrogen bomb on her own memory. (via)


"Shitloads of Money," Liz Phair. Pixies hero Black Francis made waves today when he told Quietus: "We’re interested in anything that’s going to earn us a fair wage. It’s not to say it’s not about art, but we made that art fucking 20 years ago. So forget the fucking goddamn art. This ain’t about the art anymore. I did the arty farty part. Now it’s time to talk about the money." Liz Phair knows what the man is talking about. Exile in Guyville got Phair plenty of attention, but it didn’t exactly put her in a mansion. She wrote about the issue on Exile's follow-up, Whitechocolatespaceegg, which was considered a flop at the time but sounds much better relative to her subsequent efforts. You can picture Black Francis nodding along to the chorus:

It’s nice to be liked,
But it’s better by far to get paid
I know that most of the friends that I have
Don’t really see it that way
But if you can give ‘em each one wish
How much do you wanna bet —
They’d wish success for themselves and their friends
And that would include lots of money.

She later sold out, got married, had a kid, ran out of ideas, and today she lives in a mansion. Success!


Download Liz Phair's pre-'Exile in Guyville' demo tapes

They’re free. (via)

UPDATE: The headline has been corrected so as to no longer suggest that Liz Phair recorded demos for the Rolling Stones’ legendary Exile on Main St. Thank you/sad face to Nerdshares for pointing this out to me.



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